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The machines which are the heart of this industry, are manned by highly experienced and trained team of engineers and technicians who are dedicated to give the customer the right product of his choice at competitive prices in the shortest possible time schedule.

The raw materials that go into the manufacture of these resistors are meticulously chosen and imported from Japan and Taiwan. On account of the selection of high Alumina Ceramic Rods Carbonised on sophisticated vacuum furnace.

The most sophisticated and expensive machinery in the industry go into the manufacturing of resistors at Kusum Enterprises. We do not compromise on quality or delivery schedules and so we have invested in the sputtering equipment which means we have backward integrated to the most fundamental and initial stage of the production process, and also one which is elementary in deciding the quality of the resistors. Our sputtering unit is the newest in the country and has hence taken the maximum benefit of the latest technology.

None of the other set of machines are any far behind in their newness and obvious advantages of the latest technology. We are by far one of the most modern plants manufacturing film resistors, in India.

Our Quality Control Equipment is top of the line and this is what ensures that we deliver quality products time and again.

Aware of the potential that exists in the Wire-Wound industry, we have added another product line parallel to our long established line of Carbon and Metal Film Resistors. In the Wire Wound Resistor manufacturing, like in Film Resistors, we decided not to compromise in the quality of our machines and added brand new winding machines.

As a policy, we regularly replace older machinery with new ones as and when the model requires upgrading, to keep in touch with the best in the industry, globally. This policy has helped us maintain our quality while increasing productivity.

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