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Wire Wound Resistors

High Grade Ni-Cr  Wire Wound  Elements on High Aluminia Ceramic Core
Coated With heat Insulating Flame Proof Coating
High surge withstanding For Energy Meter
Low temp Coefficient High Stability
Color Code for Easy identification
Standard Tolerance 5% Available
Non Inductive type Wire wound Resitors Avaiable on Request
Highest Ohmic Values are made as per Customer Requirement.


Style Dimensions in mm Power Rating AT 70°C Resistance Range
L D d H (min)
KWR - 0.5 6.5±0.5 2.3±0.2 0.5±0.02 27 0.5W 1E - 10E
KWR - 1M 6.5±0.5 2.3±0.2 0.5±0.02 27 1W 1E - 10E
KWR - 1 9±1 3.4±0.5 0.52±0.02 25 1W 0.1E - 180E
KWR - 2 12±1 5.0±0.5 0.60±0.02 30 2W 0.01E - 330E
KWR - 3 16±1 5.5±0.5 0.68±0.02 28 3W 0.01E - 560E
KWR - 5 18±1 6.5±0.5 0.78±0.02 27 5W 0.01E - 680E
KWR - 7 21±1 7.5±0.5 0.78±0.02 25 7W 0.01E - 720E
  • Non Inductive type Wire wound Resistorsw Available on Request
  • Highest Ohmic Values are made as per Customer Requirement
  • Miniature & Ultra miniature are specially Developed & available on request

Characteristics Test Methods Limits
D C Resistance Resistors are tested with standard specified voltages for its Ohmic values to check the specified tolerance. The Resistors shall be within specified tolerance limits.
Short Time Overload The Resistors shall be subjected to 2.5 times the Rated Voltage or Maximum overload voltage (whichever is low) for a duration of 5 secs. ? R % = ± 1.0% (+ 0.05 ?)
Temp - Coefficient

The Resistors value shall be checked at 2 temp. i.e. one At Ambient & the final at Amb + 100? C. The TCR is then Calculated as :


450 Max

(Lower PPM on request)

Rated Load A Rated Continuous Working Voltage or Maximum Wkg. Voltage whichever less shall be applied to the resistors for a duration of 2 Hrs. ? R % =  ± 1.0% Max
Solderability A solder bath is maintained at 230? C. The specimen leads are immersed in the bath & withdrawn within 3 secs. A suitable flux is used during the test. A fresh solder shall cover the specimen leads by Min. 95% coverage.
Resistance to solder heat A solder bath is maintained at 350? C. The specimen leads are subjected to the bath for a duration of 10 secs. ? R % = ± 1 % Max
Resistance to Solvents The specimen shall be subjected to IPA for duration of 1 min. 10 strokes of hard brush shall be applied. The test shall be conducted 3 times. The colour code marking shall remain legible.
Die-electric Strength A foil is wrapped around the specimen body. A voltage of 300 V @ 0.5 ma shall be applied between both the terminals of the specimen for a duration of 1 min. There shall be no flash over or break down.
Terminal Strength Pull Test: The resistors leads shall be pulled using 5 N force Bend Test: The resistor leads are bend through 180? three times. There shall be no damage.
Load Life The specimen shall be subjected to an ambient of 70?C for duration of 1000 Hrs. The specimen shall also be loaded for full power dissipation. The duty cycle shall be 1½ Hr. On ½ Hr. Off. ? R % = ± 5 % Max
Steady State Humidity The shall be subjected to an amb. Of 40?C with RH as 95%, for a duration of 56 days. A small DC voltage shall be so applied that the specimen shall dissipate 1% of the rated power. ? R % = ± 5 % Max

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